Welcome to Beginning Band!

In fourth and fifth grades, students have the option to study band. They are introduced to the fundamentals that are essential to being a member of a wind instrument ensemble. Students learn the basics of their instrument: characteristic tone production, correct embouchure, playing techniques, proper breathing practice, as well as a focus on major and minor scales, key signatures, and reading and understanding notation and the further elements of music. Students taking band may select from brass and woodwind instruments.  There is an opportunity to perform in small ensemble groups as well as a culminating performance as a wind band.

About Mr. Gilfert, LPAS Band Director

Mr. Gilfert has been the band teacher at LPAS since 2012.  He loves the art of teaching elementary band and enjoys helping students get started on the hard but rewarding work of learning a woodwind or brass instrument.  He comes from a family with a music making heritage that dates back many generations.  Mr. Gilfert holds two degrees from The University of Louisville School of Music: a Bachelor of Music Education in 2004 and Master of Music History in 2007.  Mr. Gilfert is an active performer on his main instruments, the trumpet and recorder, and throughout his playing career has performed at various times with the following ensembles: The Louisville Winds, Louisville Philharmonia, Brass Band of Louisville, Derby City Brass Band, UofL Early Music Ensemble, UofL Historical Instruments, UofL Concert Bands, UofL Trumpet Ensemble, and the Dixieland Solution (a New Orleans-style jazz band).  He also regularly performs at his church, Harvey Browne Memorial Presbyterian Church, where he also arranges and composes music for the church orchestra.  Most recently his composition for full orchestra "From Generation to Generation" was performed for the church's one hundred year anniversary service.